Friday, July 1, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Peanut -

It's funny how after you have kids every holiday seems like a "family" holiday.  Before you, Peanut, the 4th of July was a holiday that revolved around fireworks, pool time, concerts, and cocktails.  But then you came along.  And this weekend became all about family time.  Neighborhood parades.  Family BBQs.  Sparklers in the front yard.  And a bonus extra day at home with The Peanut.

I can't help but think about how different this weekend would be if you were here with us.  I didn't anticipate this would be one of those hard holidays...not like I was able to anticipate and prepare for Mother's Day.  Or, my birthday.  This one snuck up on me.

But, I don't want to "opt out" of this holiday.  I want to be surround by kids and families enjoying the parades and festivities.  I want to celebrate that many of our friends got to meet YOU last year when we took you to one of those annual parades.  I want to honor the fact that you are still here watching us, protecting the babies, and not wanting us to opt out of life. 

Peanuckle, I love you so very much.  I'm missing you a lot tonight.  So, I send a Momma good-night kiss to heaven, and tell you through my tears, "I love you, 'Nut, to the moon and back a million times over."

- Momma

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