Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lovely, Love My Family

Peanut -

There is a concert series coming to St. Louis at the end of summer called Lou Fest '11.  I've been ignoring most of the press about it, since the thought of attending a concert is the last thing on Momma's mind these days. However, an ad for the series caught my attention this morning when I saw The Roots encouraging people to attend since they would be the headliners.  The Roots!

In the past I knew them as simply a great band with a tuba (a TUBA!).  Then, as the funky band on Jimmy Fallon's coolly funny late night show.  But Mommahood totally changed my perspective.  They suddenly became the Yo Gabba Gabba band!  They were often featured on the show and were the main band at Nick Jr.'s big 2010 family concert.  Peanut, you and I watched that concert over and over and over again.  You got to listen and jive to the great music, watch other kids dance, and see the life-size Yo Gabba Gabba characters on stage...Peanut Crack!  

The song they performed most on the TV show, and during the concert was, "Lovely, Love My Family."  Every time it came on you and I would dance together, often with you pleading for me to pick you up so I could bounce and swing you around.  At the end of the song I would give you a giant kiss, and you'd return it with one of your awesome, around the neck Peanut Hugs.  Momma Crack!

Hearing that song now, and watching The Roots perform, doesn't bring sorrow or tears for Momma.  Just pure joy.  Joy in the memories of our dances, hugs and kisses.  Joy in the message of the music.  Joy in knowing what an amazingly happy, light-filled boy I have the honor to call my son, regardless of whether you are here on earth or in heaven.

Peanut, I am sending you music and dances, hugs and kisses.  Make sure all your friends in heaven dance, sing and laugh with you all the time...because all of us who love you here on earth will feel the joyful energy.  And know that I love, love, love the moon and back!

- Momma

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