Sunday, July 24, 2011

Water Warrior!

Peanut -

Last July 24 Dadda and I took you to the very neat, interesting St. Louis City Garden.  The visit was part of our pre-wedding anniversary celebration, and it was very important to us that you be included in the weekend's activities.  Unfortunately, it was a hot morning, on the heels of a night of little-to-no sleep thanks to the awful hotel experience we'd had at Union Station the night before.  We canceled our plan to stay the whole weekend downtown, but on the way home wanted to introduce you to the City Garden.

Luckily, we were there fairly early in the morning, so it wasn't terribly crowded.  Momma decided to set you down in the midst of the water fountains, figuring you would sit and pose for a picture.  BOY was I wrong!  The fountains started shooting up to your left! right! behind you! in front! and off you went in full-speed crawl mode.  My brave little water soldier.  I was torn...rescue the Peanut or capture the whole event in pictures.  I'm ashamed to admit it...I took the pictures.  And looking back on them now, well, they are priceless.  And perfect.  Like you.

By the time you crossed through all the fountains and Momma "saved" you, your shirt and hair were soaked.  But you, my Peanut, you were just fine.  Your wet shirt kept you nice and cool for the rest of our visit to the Garden - unexpected benefit!  We took a lot of other pictures, but tonight I'm sharing the series of fountain crossing photos and the smiles they bring to my face.

Peanut, I am so blessed to have these memories.  To remember 16.5 months - perfect months - with my amazing, wise, funny little boy.  You never had a bad day.  You taught me every single day to be more patient.  To appreciate family and smiles.  And really, really good hugs.  I miss your hugs, Peanut.  So tonight, I rub my baby bump and am thankful for this new, little life.  I celebrate our blessings while allowing myself to fully feel and appreciate the sadness and loss we've experienced over these last 6 months.  And, I send you Momma love, hugs and the moon and back.

Love you,

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