Monday, July 11, 2011

Let. Me. Out. NOW!

Peanut -

Beginning in late May of last year, you got the itch to roam.  The house, the yard - basically anyplace that had a fence (aka - Peanut Containment Area).  You also discovered how much fun it was to rattle and bang the gates for maximum noise effect.  No matter how firmly tethered or securely installed, you always found a way to pull up and rattle the gates to your very particular Peanut satisfaction.

The gate between our TV room and the dining room was a tall, white metal contraption, with decent gaps between the bars.  So, not only did the gate make an awesomely loud rattling sound when you threw your full weight into banging it, you could also drop most of your toys right through the bars.  FUN!

The gate system we used throughout the TV room was a large, primary colored lock-together playzone system.  Every few panels had interactive toys that played music, clicked, clacked and ate tons of batteries!  So, you could not only bang the playzone against the walls, but we also got a sound and light show.  Rock on, Penaut!

It is this noise, this energy that I miss so much.  Our house feels like a tomb to me now.  It is so big and quiet without your laughter, your toys, your banging, your energy.  I still felt a trace of that energy in the weeks after you died, but it seems to have faded away.  I hope that means you have found your happy, secure place in heaven.

Peanuckle, I miss you.  I love you.  I think about you and dream about you all the time.  Just know that means I love you to the moon, the sun, across the universe, beyond and back.

- Momma

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