Friday, July 8, 2011

Electric Smile

Peanut -

Momma hasn't been feeling 100% great today.  A little off.  Just enough that it jogged my memory back to a Peanut sick day in early December.  (Is it terrible how much I enjoyed our sick days together?)

I stayed home with you that day because nothing was agreeing with your belly.  I remember you had not one, not two but THREE diaper blowouts before 10:00 am that day.  But, no matter how yucky your tummy was feeling, you were still in GREAT spirits.  We had such a fun day, and I captured a whole series of wonderful pictures while you ate and played with some peanut butter toast.  You know, because it was deeeeeeeelicous!

Now I look back at these pictures when I need a smile and a reminder of your BIG personality and your electric smile.  Photos like these also reinforce my belief that you were truly an "old soul."  What other 15-month old has so many funny, knowing expressions, and is so much a part of the inside joke?!  My Peanut, the old soul who came to earth to make us all better people...both in life and now beyond.  With each passing day I believe that more and more and it fuels my desire to honor you and spread your message.  I desperately hope I'm making you proud.

Sending you love, smiles and kisses, my sweet Peanut.  Missing you more than ever.  I love you - to the moon and back!

- Momma

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