Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Peanut -

After we had you, I gave all - ALL - my maternity clothes to a few of my favorite pregnant girl friends.  I loved being able to pass them along, since we weren't planning to have any more children.  And, my request to each of them was to please pass anything in good condition to someone else when they were done.  I love thinking about all the happy, glowing mommas out there who have worn those makes me feel like a part of you gets shared each time the clothes land on someone else's doorstep.

So, this has resulted in a fairly pressing need for me to go out and buy some new maternity clothes.  The Beans are growing fast - much faster than you did - and there are TWO of them.  I barely needed maternity clothes at 14 weeks with you but with these guys?  I can't zip ANY of my regular pants!  To meet the immediate need, I went shopping for some dress pants yesterday, and somehow got talked into trying on what looked like jeans.  The sales associate assured me they would look "super cute."

Here I am, wedged in the somewhat small dressing room, with my already big-ish pregnant tummy under the unflattering light and I decide to try on the jeans.  Within seconds I realize...these aren't jeans at all!  These are jeggings.  But, wait.  Aren't jeggings for tiny framed teenagers?  Not pregnant middle-aged women. Right?  Just for giggles, I decided to actually get these bad boys - full belly panel and all - onto my twin carrying butt.  Oh, Peanut, the shame!  I took one look in the mirror and pictured you laughing and saying, "No Momma, NO!"  And not just a little laugh, but your full, head-thrown-back laugh that exposed ALL your teeth!

Needles to say, I did not purchase the maternity jeggings.  Pregjeggings.  What a terrible concept.  (I mean, seriously.  See picture below.)

Peanut, honoring you and making you proud takes all forms.  From giving grace, patience and love, to not wearing embarrassing clothes meant for skinny people half my age.  Yep, that's how we roll.

Dreaming of you, missing you, and sending you smiles, love and hugs tonight.  To the moooooooooon and back!

- Momma

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