Thursday, July 28, 2011

Butterfly Friends

Peanut -

I woke up and got ready for work today with a very heavy heart.  Missing you, facing the 6-month mile marker of your loss, losing one of the has all taken its toll on Momma this week.  But, there was just too much work waiting for me at the office to take a mental health day.  So, I squared my shoulders and pulled it together to get into the office.

Before leaving the house, I searched the side yard for Zeke the Cat.  While I'm fine with him playing outside during the cooler overnight hours, it's just been too hot throughout the midwest for him to be a daytime outdoor kitty.  Luckily, I found him causing mischief right by the driveway, but before I could corral him inside we had a visitor.  A very familiar visitor.  PEANUT!?  BEAN?!  Actually, it was a large, bright gold and black butterfly who flitted around Zeke, then Momma, and continued to circle around us for a minute or two before heading off across the yard.

Over the course of this summer we have had the same two butterflies visitors.  I'm not sure where they "live" but they always fly by when Momma needs it most.  One is a beautiful orange and black Monarch butterfly who I've actually been seeing since mid-spring.  The other, a gold and black butterfly - a Tiger Swallowtail, I believe - started coming around in June.  Hmmmm...possibly the Baby Bean?

It gives me comfort to see these two lovely butterflies.  They know us, and my heart knows angel babies.  Thank you for lifting Momma's heart, and providing the strength I needed to get through the day with hope and energy.  I love you so very much - to the moon and back!

- Momma

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  1. I was watching this movie today and in this movie the actor saidto the other which was a momma going through a hard time,"Keep doing what your doing to get through it no one has gone through or lived what you have just lived through so no one should just do whatever you need to survive and make it through..."It made me think of you and your amazing strength and your ability to help others in your time of healing...your not judged and do what you need to do however long it takes or whatever it is even if it isn't "by the books" ....