Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Moose and Zee, I Miss You!

Peanut -

Here are the magic words that could stop you in your tracks immediately:

"It's PUZZLE TIME!!!!"

Lucky for you, the Nick Jr. intro music gave you a tad bit of warning that your favorite host, Moose A. Moose, was about to come on the air.  You would shove a few last Cheerios or Goldfish in your mouth, get closer to the TV or climb onto your Little Tykes playset for the best Peanut Seat in the house, and would proceed to be transfixed for the next 5 minutes.

The puzzles and games hosted by Moose and Zee delighted you, and you caught on to the educational aspect shockingly fast.  But, you REALLY loved it when Moose sang.  Around each holiday or change of the season he would have a special song dedicated to what makes that time of year so special.  You and I would clap, laugh and dance to all his songs - especially the one about how all Moose wanted for Christmas this year was a candy cane.

Momma really appreciated how each segment showed the friendship and caring between Moose and his silent bird-partner, Zee.  They were always so kind to each other.  What a great example.  And, you were fascinated by Zee, with his giant, blinking eyes and bright blue color. Of everything we watched on Nick Jr., I was most supportive of the Moose and Zee bits.  Well, that and the Backyardigans!

Sometimes I watch Nick Jr. by myself now, and I pretend you're watching it with me from heaven.  Do you get Nick Jr. in heaven?  I wonder.  Just hearing Moose's voice brings a piece of you back to me, Peanut.  Is that odd?  For me, sound is a bit like evokes very strong memories, sensations, feelings.  Tears and smiles.

Peanut, sweet Peanut...missing you terribly tonight.  I love you so much - to the moon and back.

- Momma


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