Monday, June 6, 2011

Watch and Share...For A Reason

Peanut -

Tonight I am sharing an amazing new You Tube video produced by SUDC (  It does a wonderful job explaining what families like ours have been through, how special each of our children are, and what the public can do to help raise awareness.  For those who attended Peanut's Memorial Service, you will recognize the song playing at the is a song that will forever bring smiles and sobs to Momma.  It is my Peanut Anthem.

I know producing this video was a huge effort for a small but powerful organization.  I ask those who read this blog to please spend 10 minutes watching this, and then share.  Share with friends and family.  Help us get the word out.  It is lack of knowledge about SUDC that caused my family to be treated so poorly by the St. Louis County Medical Examiner's Office.  They still don't acknowledge SUDC which in turn skews the number of cases reported to the CDC.  In particular, from a jurisdiction as large as St. Louis County.  Shameful.

Peanut, part of my commitment to honoring you and your life is advocacy on behalf of SUDC.  It begins now.  And, for those who know me, you know Peanut's Momma is like a dog with a bone.  Or, a large steak.  Single-minded in purpose.  Especially when the cause is my baby.  Look out world.

Sweet Peanut, you give me strength and inspiration.  You have helped me choose to LIVE, not just survive.  With steel in my spine, I stand tall and strong in the fight to make this least, as right as it can be.  Because you deserve that.  I love you soooooo very much.  To the moon and back.

- Momma

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