Thursday, June 23, 2011

Snow Cones

Peanut -

I bet you would have loved snow cones.  The cold shaved ice and the yummy, brightly colored syrup.  Tasty AND pretty!  It makes me wonder...what flavors would have been your favorite?  Something like Dadda's favorite sugar-free Granny Smith Apple?  Or Momma's blanket "anything red and sugary"?  Or, maybe the rainbow mix?  All I know is you would have loved every morsel, and probably would have created a giant, sticky, sugary mess.  What I wouldn't give to clean up that syrupy Peanut disaster.

I know I need to stop thinking about everything you will never get to do...I need to stop focusing on all the missed milestones, adventures and treats.  Instead, I need to focus on all the amazing things you DID get to do.  But still...there are times when my heart-driven emotions beat out my rational brain.  At those times, I start thinking about...well...snow cones.

So, next time I see a snow cone stand, Momma might just have to order two.  One for me and one for Peanut.  And, maybe we'll spend the summer experimenting until we find your perfect, favorite flavor.  Banana, maybe?!

Sweet, lovely little Peanut.  Momma loves the moon and back.

- Momma

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