Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sharing Memories and Froggies

Peanut -

I received the most wonderful gift imaginable today.  It was the gift of stories and memories of you from some of your teachers.  Your "other" mommies.  An amazing group of women who spent three days a week with you from the time you were 4 months old until the day before we lost you.

These are the caretakers who encouraged us to push your development, month by month.  Thanks to them, you transitioned so smoothly, so easily to a cot, to a sippy cup, to table food, to walking.  Thanks to them, you loved art and music (while having a healthy fear and/or suspicion of the gym teacher!).  Thanks to them, Momma has a giant binder of Peanut Art and daily report cards to love and cherish for a lifetime.  And now, thanks to them, I have more stories about you.

I have stories about how much you loved to dance to the song, "Chicken Fried"!  I have stories about how much your big blue eyes and infectious smile brightened their days and hearts, every day.  I have stories about you dragging your Froggy EVERYWHERE in your mouth!  I have stories about your gentle, funny personality.  And, I have stories that show just how much you touched lives and changed the world in 500 short days.

Peanut, in honor of your memory your class made a very, very special Froggy garden statue JUST FOR YOU.  It now sits in their butterfly garden with your name on perfect is that?  Even more special?  They created a photo album for me and Dadda that documents the creation of the statue, with all your classmates painting him, adding their fingerprints and names, and finally getting it fired/glazed and then added to the garden.  At the end of the album are personal notes from all your teachers.  How amazing.  How special.  We will treasure this forever.

What a wonderful celebration of your time with us, your legacy, your memory.  Peanut, I hope we continue to hear memories and stories from everyone who knew you...because Momma LOVES to hear them.  And, I love to share them.  I keep you alive in my heart and mind by sharing.  And, let's face it, you were so darn funny the stories are just priceless!  So, in celebration of you, I send you a Momma kiss and lots of Froggy love.   I love you sweet boy.  To the moon and back.

- Momma

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