Sunday, June 19, 2011

Best. Dadda. Ever.

Peanut -

Today was a day to celebrate all the wonderful Dads out there as a part of Father's Day.  Our family specifically celebrated your inspirational, selfless, loving Dadda.  Your Dadda who loves you so much it breaks my heart.  I gave him a special card this morning, just for him from you.  While I knew it would bring some sadness, it also allowed us to celebrate and remember you and all the special, wonderful gifts you've brought to our family.

One of the best, most unexpected gifts I personally received from your precious life - watching Dadda transform from husband to Super Dad.  Your dad was a natural from the second you were born.  He knew exactly how to hold you, feed you, change you, care for your little umbilical cord, give you your first bath. He allowed me to watch and learn.  To grow more comfortable day-by-day.  He taught me how to get you packed up and actually get out of the house, Peanut in tow, beginning that first week we had you home.  Basically, he taught me how to be a mom.  Peanut's Momma.

I love you both so very much for being patient with me, and teaching me.  For giving me time and grace to grow into Mommahood.  You and Dadda always had an extra-special bond...I think it grew from your shared understanding, "Just give her time - she'll learn.  And, she'll be pretty darn good at it, too."  And, nothing beat those special Sunday afternoons you and Dadda spent together...your reserved "boy time."  I know he desperately misses those afternoons with you.

Peanut, send Dadda loads of love, hugs and kisses tonight.  And know that I'm reading you your favorite bedtime story, with a giant hug, a giant kiss and a giant, "I love you, to the moon and back!"

- Momma

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