Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Straws are AMAZING!

Peanut -

Beginning around 9 months - so, about 1-year ago - taking you out to dinner got to be fun, fun, fun!  While you were still on some formula and jars of food, you were rapidly exploring more taste-tastic treats like bits of fruit, cheese, rice and cereal.  But, more exciting than any of that was the discovery of The Straw.  Combined with a glass of icy cold water...oh, Peanut.  The joy.  The bliss.  The sheer delight and amazement.  Dadda would bring out that glass of water plus straw, and your feet would start to pump, you'd bounce up and down, and start your little, "Oh! Oh! Oh!" grunt.  Hilarious.

At first we had to drip water into your mouth from the straw, but quickly you figured out how the straw worked.  My little Einstein.  That was soon followed by your realization that there were ice cubes in that water glass!  Oh boy!  Before we knew it, your entire arm would be immersed in a glass of water, fishing for ice.  It wasn't uncommon for us to lose several straws and a glass or two of water by the end of a meal.

Your antics were always accompanied by your giant laugh, sunbeam smile, and pure joy.  It was soooo hard to get frustrated or irritated because you were so darn happy.  Did I over-indulge?  Maybe.  Would I do the same things all over again?  Absolutely.  Because I know you had 500 days of joy, love, and happiness.  What an amazing legacy.

Peanut, tonight I'm sharing a picture of a baby bird from our pool deck.  I snapped this photo last June because this little birdie reminded me so much of YOU!  This same bird family is back again this year.  I have found myself thinking, "I wonder if they're looking for Peanut?"  Then again, your wonderful butterflies are probably playing in the yard with them.  That's what I hope, at least.

To my baby bird, I miss you bunches of noodles.  And, I love you to the mooooooon and back!
- Momma

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