Sunday, May 29, 2011

What IS All This Cool Stuff?! (Tell me now! Are we rich?!)

Peanut -

Last year Dadda and I introduced you to two very important "firsts" over Memorial Day weekend.  Your brand new Little Tykes swing, and the POOL.  Oh boy!  Dadda had been dreaming of that swing for months, and was so proud when he brought it home, found the perfect branch under the perfect tree, and got it ready for a Peanut Test Drive.  That weekend became the first of many spent swinging under the tree, and splashing around in the pool for hours.

I love looking back at the progression of pictures over the course of last summer.  Week by week, the utter joy on your face grows and spreads, until you can see that swimming and swinging are clearly the highlights of your weekend.  We could spend an entire weekend doing nothing but playing with you in the yard, and it felt like the most amazing, adventurous, complete weekend of a lifetime.

It's so hard to play in the side yard now with Henry the Puppy because that perfect tree with the perfect branch is still there.  It still has the chain for your swing hanging, blowing in the breeze, waiting for you and your swing.  It looks so lonely.  So expectant.  "Where's Peanut?" it seems to ask, day after day.  And in my mind and heart I answer, "He's here.  We just can't reach out and touch him..."

I'm including some pictures from last Memorial Day.  The one of you and Dadda by the pool is one of my absolute favorites.  And, the one in your swing seems to so perfectly capture your new-found delight in the whole swing concept.  Just like your Momma in so many ways - prove it to me before I'll buy in, but once I'm convinced I am SOLD!

Oh sweet Con-man.  I've thought about you and talked about you a lot today.  Many wonderful, funny, touching stories have been shared, and there has been a lot of laughter, sorrow, joy and crying.  And, that seems completely, totally, 100% perfect to me.    I love you, my Little Nutbrown Hare, to the moooooooooooon and back.

- Momma

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