Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Peanut -

Almost exactly one year ago, Dadda and I took you outside to enjoy a gorgeous May afternoon on the back patio.  We were sitting in the sun, enjoying a beer while you bounced and jumped happily in your bouncer seat.  My funny, happy little 8-month old, who hadn't had too many digestion issues, even though you were trying all kinds of new fruits, veggies and cereal.  That is...until this particular day.

Earlier in the week I sent several different jars of food to school for your meals, and prunes must have been included in the bunch.  Most kids need prunes, right? Apparently, not Peanut.

Before we knew it, there was a strange noise and then this terrible smell.  And then we saw it.  In your hair.  On your back.  Down your legs.  Oh dear.  DIAPER BLOWOUT!  Dadda scooped you out of the bouncer seat and ran you up the back stairs while I ran into your room to grab a towel, baby wash, and a washcloth.  We had you stripped down and in the kitchen sink in less than 30 seconds.  And you were deeeeeeeeelighted.  Bath time was the best!

I absolutely treasure that memory and all the funny pictures we took from that day.  Just recently, I discovered we also took a a video clip on the flip camera from that incident - included below.  You could have fussed and cried over that blowout and the requisite bath that followed.  Instead, you were all smiles and laughter.  My joyful 'Nut.

The smile this brings to my face helps fill the hollow place in my heart.  I love and cherish the memories.  And, I love YOU to the moon and back, sweet Peanut.

- Momma

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