Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cutie Pah-Toooooooh-Tie!

Peanut -

Do you have any idea how much I love you?  How very special you are? How you are the cutest sweetie pie I've ever seen?  You are my cutie pah-toooooh-tie!

Dadda and I were out today enjoying vacation time and sun in The Lou.  We had some treats (food/beer) on a local restaurant patio and ran into lots of old friends.  Very nice day.  But I also got to see loads of families with kids and babies and I just kept thinking...that should be us.  We should be watching you run towards the train tracks to watch the trains and you should be chasing the spring birdies around the plaza.

As I watched the young couple who looked exhausted eating dinner with their 2-month old with grandpa/grandma taking "turns" on relief duty I understood the impact you've had on me.  I will totally appreciate every moment if I'm ever given the opportunity to have another baby (or babies).  Never again will it feel like exhaustion.  Or an extra effort.  I'm not sure if it ever did, but I'm more aware of it now than ever.

Peanut - I'm looking for more signs.  I think you might want a brother or sister.  If so, show me.  Until then, I'm sharing a pic that cracks me up.  Peanut in jail.  Actually, Peanut outside our pool gate, but it still cracks me up.

I love you to the mooooooooooooooooooon and back!
- Momma

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  1. I have totally stopped and aprreciate the moments of "exhaustion" and just cherish that I have the moments with my three year old thanks to Peanut.It has truly made me want to be a better more patient mother and I cherish and look at each day and milestone with new eyes..I thank you for that and keep you in my prayers and thoughts ...