Sunday, May 8, 2011

Froggies and Lions and Bears - Oh My!

To my little Peanut -

Over the last several months I've heard other bereaved moms refer to themselves and me as "Angel Mommas."  It threw me at first, but I've come to realize, there truly is no better description.  Because there is no word.  No descriptor.  I've grown to like Angel Momma, because it recognizes that I still am and always will be your mom.

A touching quote was shared with me today that really summed up this day from my very personal perspective:
 "Mother's Day is a day of appreciation and respect. I can think of no mothers who deserve it more than those who had to give a child back." ~ Erma Bombeck

Peanut, we were surrounded by love, respect, support, messages, and signs all day - from friends, family, complete strangers and YOU.  Thank you for sharing the tiny froggy who appeared in our hibiscus tree this morning.  I know you miss your earthbound froggies, but I'm pretty sure you have your own very special one in heaven.  And just know, we're taking good care of your froggies.  Promise.

I am so glad to have the memories of last year's Mother's Day, even though I can't find any pictures.  I dug in and put on my Stubborn Momma Pants, and insisted we spend the day at the St. Louis Zoo.  The day was slightly chilly, but we had a wonderful time wheeling you around, showing you the lions, tigers, bears and sea lions, and thinking about how this is something we would do every year.

It was a perfect, sunny, warm day in St. Louis today.  I'm sure loads of families went to the zoo and created their own special memories.  As for us, we stayed closer to home.  Maybe we will get to revisit the zoo dream in the future, but not for now...

Tonight I'm sharing pictures of your very, very special froggies (sitting with two Seeds of Happiness) and a picture from your first-ever trip to the zoo when you were just two months old (check out the co-ool lion cap)!  It is with love, sadness and relief I bid "farewell" to this day.

As for you, my little Peanut Angel, I love you to the mooooooooon and back!
- Momma


  1. I thought of you throughout the day and each time said a prayer for you. I hope today was filled with love and a visit from Peanut. Always remember you ARE an amazing Momma!

  2. Happy to hear that you had a froggy visit today. And thank you for sharing your memories.

  3. Your an amazing Angel Momma and I hit a wall myself today as I dreamed of the baby I should be holding at this time right now and woke up thinking it was real ,but then immediately thought of you and Peanut and I am ever so thankful for the moments and family I have..You continue to inspire truly heal my heart with your amazing love and grace and I hope it all comes back to you ..Thank you Lynn and as always sending lots of ((HUGS)) AND LOVE YOUR WAY!!