Friday, May 6, 2011

Bright Orange Peanut Butterfly

My wise, crafty little Peanut -

You are still so present around us, it's powerful, comforting.  Dadda and I were sitting in the yard today, enjoying the sunshine with Henry the Puppy, telling Peanut stories.  We had just hung up a beautiful butterfly windchime to match one we bought two weeks ago.  Now, all our visitors are greeted by your butterflies and the song of the chimes.  And, just as we uttered your name, a strong wind blew through the yard...your chimes started to play beautiful music.  Dadda and I looked at each other, smiled and said, "Hey, Peanut!" at the same time.

Later this afternoon we left to run a very important, emotional errand.  I asked for a sign from you, looked out the car window, and there you were.  In the form of a bright orange butterfly, winging alongside the car for the next few blocks.  Amazing.  

Peanut, you are the sun, moon and stars.  You are the froggies singing outside the bedroom window.  You are the wind in the chimes.  You are the powerful love in my soul that is gradually smoothing the ragged edges of my heart.  I love you, to the moon and back.

- Momma

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