Friday, April 15, 2011

Up and down and up and down...

Peanut -

Last week your older sister shared one of her last memories of you...and it was one I had honestly forgotten.  I loved hearing how she remembered it, and realized that no matter how much I try to preserve and share, there are thousands of stories of you that live in other's hearts and minds.  To those out there who knew Peanut, I hope you reach out and share.  Share with me.  Your family.  Friends.  Just know, I would love to hear about how you experienced Peanut, how you saw his smile, felt his hugs, remember his laugh.

The story your sister shared was about the Saturday morning before we lost you.  She came by the house and found me and Dadda at the bottom of the stairs calling, "Peeeeeeaaaanut!"  She could hear you clomping around on the stairs, giggles, then rapid-fire movement on the second floor.  When you finally appeared on the second floor landing, she realized - you were walking!  She hadn't seen you in your full on "I can walk" mode with all your pride and bravado.  I love that it's her last memory of you.  Peanut the Walker.  And Stair-Climber.

You learned to go up and down stairs at grandma and grandpa's house.  Grandpa taught you how to back down the stairs, even with your hands full of toys.  From that day on, whenever you saw stairs, we had to turn you loose.  HOURS of entertainment!  I've included a picture of you enjoying your "starter stairs."  While you were one of the most cautious kids I've ever encountered, you also had no fear.  And you were determined to figure it out.  Once you conquered the stairs, nothing could stop you.  I saw so much of me in you, especially in those moments.

Hey Peanut.  Guess how much I love you.
To the moooooooon and back!
Miss you, my sweet boy.

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