Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eyelash Love

Peanut -

I'm struggling with words tonight.  A lot of emotions and memories have bubbled up today and I'm waiting for my brain and heart to sort through it all.

As I put my head on my pillow this evening for a good cry, I had a powerful memory of you gazing back at me, staring straight into my eyes with your beautiful baby-blues.  You had amazing blue eyes.  Dadda and I waited for those blue eyes to turn hazel or green over the first 12-months, but instead the blue just intensified.

You and I used to have the best staring contests.  I always "won" because you got distracted by my long eyelashes and your urge to first grab them, then try to bump foreheads together.  The contests would take place in any given location - sitting face-to-face on the couch, sprawled out on the TV room floor - and always ended in peals of Peanut laughter.  I love those memories.  And, my eyelashes miss you.

Peanut, I am sending you so much love...I miss you.  To the moon and back.

- Momma

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