Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hey Vanna!

Peanut -

One of your favorite parts of our weeknight routine was...WHEEL...OF...FORTUNE!!!!  Much to Momma's dismay.  I didn't love having you watch TV to start with, then...well....there's The Wheel.  It's like toddler crack.  Bright lights, a spinning wheel, people cheering and clapping, and <sigh> Vanna White.  Momma's competition.

Vanna would enter the picture and the world would fade away for you.  No matter what toy or book you were playing with, she would emerge on the screen and you would drop everything.  Dadda would pipe up, in his best Peanut voice, "Heeeh-eeey...wassup girl?  Hey Vanna!  Peanut here!"  And you would clap and cackle, bouncing up and down full of excitement.  It definitely helped when she was wearing a nice, bright, sparkly outfit.  (Note: Often)

Now, when I hear the opening credits for The Wheel I look around for my Peanut.  I know you're still watching Dadda solve the puzzles (and making fun of Pat with Momma) and letting Vanna know you still think she's the coolest, prettiest, most sparkly lady in the whole world.  It's the little things - like Wheel of Fortune - that mean the most.  These are the things I don't want to forget.  Remind me, Nutter Butter.

I love and miss so much.  You snuck up on me a few times today, both in laughter and tears.  I welcome it all and embrace it.  I love you in ways I never knew my heart could love.  To the moon and back, Peanut.


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