Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh, Oobee Doo, I Wanna Be Like You!

Peanut -

After missing you so much yesterday, I needed to get "unstuck."  Grief, sorrow is like a fast moving drain. Easy to get sucked down, further and further until there's no pulling out.  I owe your smiling, shining memory much better than that, because your legacy is love.  Today I saw our wonderful therapist who has become like family to me, and she gave me the hand I needed to pull up.  And, to smile.

As I was driving home from her office, I had a powerful, happy memory of our last Saturday together.  I had you all to myself for the day, and we rocked the house watching The Jungle Book!  You loved the entire movie, but squealed with additional delight as King Louie started singing with his motley tribe of orangutans.  In the middle of the family room, you clapped, bounced and kept checking back to make sure Momma was dancing too.  We must have watched that song 10 times before you would let the movie continue.  Music sang in your soul, Monkey Toe.

I laughed out loud recalling that moment in time.  An actual head-thrown-back, hand-clapping laugh.  And in that moment you were there, surrounding me.  Hello, Peanut!

So, for today, I include the You Tube link to this awesome song that touched your spirit in life and lifted my heart today.  Readers - get up and dance for Peanut!

And to my Peanut, thank you for visiting today.  I love you - to the moooooooon and back!

- Momma

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