Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tell Me Now...Are. We. RICH?!?

Peanut -

Dadda and I are grilling steaks and asparagus tonight.  We haven't done this since we lost you.  Actually, the last time we made this dinner was New Year's Eve, celebrating what we thought would be a wonderful 2011.  How wrong we were, we never could have guessed.

After you turned one we started introducing you to all kinds of new foods that you thought were just amazing.  PB&J sandwiches.  Turkey meatballs.  Grilled cheese and ham.  Every time we gave you something new, you would give me your one-eyebrow-rasied look, as if you were asking, "Is this for ME? Seriously?!"  That look created a funny voice and question Dadda would ask, as if he were reading your mind.  "Somebody!  Tell me now.  ARE. WE. RICH?!?"  It always cracked us up, which made you burst into hysterical laughter.

When we gave you your own little bit of filet mignon and asparagus on New Year's Eve, your eyes got sooooo wide and we both blurted out the Connor-voice/question.  All three of us sat at the table laughing, and life was perfect.

Defying all reason, my broken heart continues to beat.  The absence of you was sharp today.  Tomorrow - Easter - is looming large.  I'm holding you the moon and back.  Love you, 'Nut.


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  1. Great Peanut story, Lynn. I am hoping to come to town in June(still figuring out the dates). I'd love to meet up with you guys... we could grill up a storm(and I'll even make mashed sweet potatoes Berkeley style again) at the farm or I could swing by your place and say hello. I'll call you guys when travel plans are solidified.
    Thinking of you! Zerbe