Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hello, from Aunt Dru

Dear Peanut -

Tonight we have a guest blogger who is helping me write tonight's post.  Your Aunt Dru is hanging with Momma, keeping her company while Dadda is out camping.  She has lots of heartfelt words for you, and I'm going to help her express them...

Peanut, you will never be forgotten and I will always be your godmother.  Loving you snuck up on me and it was so transforming to be your aunt.  I loved watching my sister be your see how she grew, and to see Mom and Dad become grandparents.  They were so well suited to it.  Also, seeing another wonderful side to Shaun (Dadda) - it made me love him in a different, amazing way.  I went into your room tonight and held your tennis shoes.  You should still be wearing them.  We miss you so much it makes our hearts ache.  Crying for you tonight, but also loving you with all my heart.  - Aunt Dru

My darling boy, I miss you so much.  But, I'm going to let Aunt Dru's words stand on their own tonight.  To the moooooooon and back, sweetie.

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  1. Dru Ann and Peanuts Momma,
    Once again I'm brought to tears by the description of another aspect of loss that little Connor's passing has had on your family. I'm so sorry for all of you. Know that this blog is affecting so many strangers in a positive way. The joy that Peanut brought you shines through in the words.
    Peanut's Momma, I'm amazed by your strength and am sending many positive thoughts your way for you and your family.
    Caroline Strong