Monday, April 11, 2011


Peanut -

This evening Dadda and I were marveling at Henry The Puppy's shiny, white teeth.  For a dog, he has one pretty set of teeth.  Everyone who meets him comments on his choppers, and we've received a lot of advice about how to polish them, keep them white and how to get Henry into a regular brushing routine.  I laughed about it and told Dadda, "Good luck with that.  Remember, I was the primary Peanut tooth-brusher!"

That led to lots of laughter - and some tears - as we recalled your amazing, precise morning routine.  We had shower mornings, which started at 5:30 am with breakfast time followed by you getting in the shower with Dadda.  That was always an exciting morning.  Between breakfast, diaper issues, and actual shower time I was always squeezing the tooth-brushing in while you were stark naked and full of Peanut sass.  Sometimes you would "present" your teeth to me via big, toothy grin.  Other times, you would seal off your mouth and flip your head around as I went in for the approach.  We always managed to get them brushed while Dadda watched and laughed from the shower.

The non-shower mornings, which generally started at 6:00 am, were less hectic but still filled with the toothbrush game.  Your favorite part of tooth-brushing time was when I gave you the clean, cold water to clean the infant toothpaste off your teeth.  The last few weeks we had you that was especially true, since you were cutting your last two teeth.  My Peanut and his full mouth of teeth!  In celebration of all those teeth, we actually gave you a little bit of filet mignon around New Year's Eve.  You were DEEEEEEEE-lighted!  (And, that will lead to another post, down the road...)

Peanut, the last day has been a big step back for me.  If you've been watching, just know I'm OK.  I'm pushing through it with the help of Dadda, family, and lots of angels on earth who have been helping...many of whom are old friends, and several brand new friends, bonded to our family through grief.  I love and thank them all.  And I thank everyone who reads this blog with love, tears, laughter, and support.

To the moon and back, my sweet 'Nut.
- Momma


  1. What sweet and tender moments. Thank you for sharing your sweet lil nut with us. the moon and back!! Love you!

  2. Thank you for sharing your little angel. I think of you everyday and hope God brings you peace. You have so much stregnth and courage.

  3. Said extra prayers for you today at work. Could tell it was a rough one. Your posts are amazing. You are amazing!

  4. It is the simplest things that can make a parent smile. Thank you for reminding me to do just that every day. You are inspiring!