Saturday, August 6, 2011

Little Nutbrown Hare (aka Arnold!)

Peanut -

For the first time in close to 7 months, there is another lovely little life sleeping in your bedroom.  It is so strange to close or open your bedroom door...I keep looking for your crib, for you and your little head to pop up and smile, "Hey, Momma!"  It is sad and wonderful, all at once.  Because, you see, I think our visitor was sent by you.

Two nights ago, Henry the Puppy came galloping into the house with something in his mouth.  He was tossing his head around, and Dadda realized quickly that whatever he had was still alive - ack!  Dadda acted quickly and saved the itty, bitty bunny rabbit who Henry either thought was dinner, or his new best friend.  It was too dark and too late for us to look for the momma bunny and her nest, so we spent the night simply keeping the bunny warm.  In the morning, Dadda set the bunny outside, hoping its momma would head out on a search and rescue mission.  But, 9 hours later, Momma found the bunny sitting exactly where Dadda left him, only soaking wet thanks to afternoon thunderstorms.

So, here we are today.  Protecting this little bunny who still needs care and feeding.  This tiny survivor, who has defied all the odds.  He lived through Henry's snatch and grab.  Made it through the shock of the first night away from his home.  Somehow survived an entire day, exposed at the woods line without any other predator killing him.  He is now protected in our home, living inside a bamboo and net pie storage container.  Contentedly munching on straw, rosemary and basil.  Slurping his fortified milk supplement from a bottle.  Hopping around happily, snoozing without fear.  And, creating a house full of laughter and delight as we watch his sweet, funny personality emerge.  So much like you, Peanut.

We've been calling him Arnold, but my brain wants to call him Little Nutbrown Hare.  He has the little white blaze on his forehead, the tiny, curled tail, and the long, skinny body from your favorite bedtime story.  While I know we can't keep him - he's meant to be in the wild - I sure do love this houseguest.  He has given me smiles I haven't felt in months.  He reminds me of you.

Arnold is now sleeping in his protected nest, safely tucked in your room.  I wished him goodnight, turned off your light and closed the door, just like I used to do with you, Peanut.  It strangely feels like I've regained a piece of you.  Of us.  I am holding you so very close to my heart tonight, loving this new connection I feel to your soul.  I love you Peanut, to the moon and back.

- Momma

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