Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Frogs! Frogs! Everywhere!

Peanut -

So...what do you think of your new bright green, frog-themed background?  Too much?  After being weighted down by my very blue mood these last few days, I thought, "Maybe it's time to brighten up Peanut's page...transform the blue page and my blue mood into rainforest frog green!"  Now, what that means to Momma's mood, we aren't 100% sure...

Peanut, most of my memories of you involve frogs.  Your rainforest bouncy seat, multiple frog lovies for sleeping at home and school (a.k.a. thumbies or blankies), the jungle mobile over your crib, the frog bathtub mats in our whirlpool tub, and your awesome Halloween costume from 2010.  The bright green always suited you so perfectly.  Vivid, like your electric personality. Bright and happy, like your smile.  It was such a happy discovery, when Heidi and I realized during your 3-month photo shoot just how much the bright green brought out the startling blue of your eyes.  Breathtaking.

Peanut, green will always remind me of you.  Not just any green.  But that high definition, spring grass immediately after a rainstorm green.  To the point that if color had a personality, that particular green would be you.

So, as startling as the new background on your blog may be, it is perfectly...Peanut.  As is the little frog who has taken up residence on your page, in tribute to your last Halloween costume.  The costume I bought thinking there would be soooooo many more in your future.

I love you, dear, sweet Peanut.  (And, let's keep our fingers crossed that jungle green turns out to be a good mood for Momma.)  I'm sending you loads and loads of love and hugs...to the moon and back.

- Momma

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