Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good-bye August

Peanut -

Two years ago, Momma breathed a huge sigh of relief when this day had passed.  We were 9 months pregnant with you, and I knew if we made it to September 1, 2009 we would happily be into your 36th week and into a much safer time period for you to be born.  Also, I really wanted you to be a September baby.  A fall baby.  Technically, your due date was September 25, but I knew in my heart you were going to come much sooner.

Two years ago, Momma thought that if we were able to get through a safe delivery, we would have nothing else to worry about outside of raising a good, happy, healthy son.

One year ago, I was planning your 1st birthday party and already thinking about all the years ahead.  September had become my absolute favorite month.  It was YOUR month.

Today, I hear September knocking on the door and I am bracing for a fall full of "firsts."  More than just the holidays, which I know will be difficult - but, at least I can prepare, brace for those.  It's all the unexpected moments I now worry about.  Fall is the one season we got to experience twice with you...and this third fall, this fall of 2011, is going to feel especially empty.  But, at the same time, we will be preparing for your new baby sibling.  A fall full of conflicting emotions.

Peanut, I want to enter September with a positive spirit.  With an attitude of celebrating this month that welcomed our amazing, beautiful little boy into this world.  Dadda and I are still figuring out how to celebrate you on September 12 - your birthday.  Peanut (and readers) please send me a sign, a thought, and idea around how to spend that very important day.  No matter what, it will - it must - be a celebration of you, 'Nut.

So, Peanut, on this last day of August, Momma sends you bunches of noodles of love.  To the moooooon and back!

- Momma

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