Saturday, September 17, 2011

Project Pinwheel

Peanut -

Under the umbrella of "saying it makes it real" I am sharing news tonight about a very, very special project - Project Pinwheel.  This project is the brainchild of another grieving Momma here in the St. Louis area who has become my friend, my sanity, and now my partner in this project.  The purpose of Project Pinwheel?  To honor the memories of our wonderful, amazing little boys - Joey and Connor - in a joyful, public way that can be enjoyed by all families in St. Louis.

What is this Project Pinwheel?  The foundational idea is to create a park, playground, butterfly garden, frog pond, and family gathering space for all people to enjoy, but, in particular, families who have lost children.  This space would be accessible in all ways.  Central to all St. Louis residents.  Equipment designed for all ages, and for children with disabilities.  And paver stones, or a memory wall or fountain, where parents can purchase a tribute space for less than $50, instead of the hundreds of dollars required in other St. Louis locations.

Why Pinwheels?  Well Peanut, your Momma has been blessed to see butterflies and froggies when she needs to feel your presence.  When this other Momma most needed a sign from Joey, hers came in the form of a pinwheel blowing in a non-existent wind.  The image of pinwheels will be found throughout this playground, and will serve as a poignant reminder of what we have lost, but also a symbol of joy, of hope.

What do we need?  Support, expertise, donations.  As you can see, a website has been created, but we are still working on details around how to gather donations (anyone out there willing to donate legal services to help us with the 501c3 paperwork???).  We already have potential park space and partners in St. Louis, so more to come on that front.  But, more than anything, we ask for support, love and friends to share the site and spread the word.

Peanut, in Momma's search for hope and inspiration this week she forgot to simply look inside herself, and into the core of the immense love I have for you.  A love so powerful it will conquer despair, defy the bounds of space and time, and fuel Momma through even the darkest days.  Peanut, you don't ever need to guess how much I love will always and forever know it is to the moon and back and beyond.

- Momma

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  1. There you go. Amazing, lovely, practical, and brave. Will be spreading the word and praying.

  2. From vision to reality, Project Pinwheel will be unlike anything else before. Can't wait to see what the power of love can create. Lots of love. - Joey's "Aunt" Stefie