Monday, September 19, 2011

Football Season Without The 'Nut

Peanut -

It has been heart-breaking to watch Dadda try to enjoy the beginning of the football season.  In particular, Sunday afternoon football.  You know, those were his special afternoons with you, with both of you decked out in your Rams jerseys and armed with plenty of snacks!  Dadda would shoo Momma out of the house for the afternoon so you guys could have your "boy time."  I'd pretend to be offended, but it always made my heart sing to watch you, side-by-side, in your jerseys.

Dadda had always planned to take you to an actual Rams game, but we decided to wait until you were a little older so you could actually enjoy the outing.  Hmmmm...yet another one of those pesky regrets.  On one hand, it is truly remarkable how much STUFF we did with you in your too short 16.5 months.  But, on the other hand, there is so very much we never got to do.  So many memories we never got the chance to create.  It's so easy to put things off until "tomorrow."  However, I hope my Momma brain has learned that lesson...tomorrow is never a guarantee.

In honor of all the tomorrows I'll never get to spend with you here on earth, but will always hold in my heart, I'm sending you all my love, Peanut.  To the moon, and back.

- Momma

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