Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mahna Mahna!

Peanut -

Tomorrow is Friday.  The day I used to spend working from home so I could spend loads of extra time with you.  On Fridays you could sleep in, take an extra long nap in the afternoon, watch Yo Gabba Gabba and just hang out with Momma.  And we always ate a nice, long lunch together.  Especially as you got older - we would split grilled cheese quesadillas, chicken meatballs, steamed veggies and chopped up bananas, apples and grapes.

Momma also spent a lot of time tickling your funny bone on Fridays.  Friday was my special day with you.  Normally, Dadda was the funny one.  The parent who tumbled and played with you, while Momma was the snuggler, who read you books, kissed your nose and sang to you.  But on Fridays, Momma got to be funny.  One thing that never failed to crack you up?  When Momma sang and silly-danced to the old Muppet skit, "Mahna Mahna!"  Sometimes, in the middle of the song, I would dance up to you and touch noses while I would reach out and touch my cheeks while you laughed and laughed.  And, in that moment, I would feel like the best Momma in the whole world.  In that moment, nothing else mattered.

I miss those moments.

Peanut, it's been a long time since I've been able to watch that Muppet skit without crying.  Tonight I watched it and laughed through my tears.  And maybe, just maybe, I'll go to your room tomorrow and sing it out loud for you and your froggies.  Because, I know you'll be listening.

I love you Peanut.  To the moon and back.

- Momma (Mahna Mahna!)

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