Saturday, October 15, 2011

Do I Have...Poop On My Face???

Peanut -

Dadda and I had an all-out laughfest this afternoon.  Yep, it happened in the middle of sharing memories about you while driving home from Sam's Club.  Diaper blowout stories!  While you didn't have too many, the ones you had were truly epic.

As we were heading home with a car stuffed full of dog food, peanut butter, Kleenex and other stuff, Dadda noticed a little smile on my face.  "What are you thinking about?"  He knew it had to be good, funny, and probably about you.

"Oh.....nothing.  <pause>  Well, actually, I was thinking about our last trip to Sam's with Peanut.  The trip that ended at Fortel's Pizza Den when Peanut had that GIANT blowout.  Remember?!"

Dadda cracked up and rubbed my tummy.  "You know, if we take The Bean to a pizza place and he has a diaper blowout, we'll know it's genetic!"  We both laughed.  Peanut, for some reason pizza joints always invoked the blowout for you.  Was it the delicious smell?  The anticipation of cheesy goodness?  Who knows.

What we both remember is Dadda running into the family restroom with you in a desperate attempt to clean you up before the blowout had soaked through your clothes.  And those poor restrooms were never properly equipped with good ventilation, or big enough changing stations!

This memory led to a giant laugh from Dadda.  He then said to me, with his mouth half-closed, " I have...POOP on my face?!"  Momma started laughing so hard, it made The Bean kick.  In an instant, we were both remembering a quiet afternoon at home with you that was interrupted by a bizarre WHOOSH sound.  A sound that came from the general direction  For some reason, Dadda's first reaction was to pick you up for a smell check.  In retrospect, a terrible idea.  He lifted your back to his nose, gagged a bit and turned to Momma.  As he was uttering that (now hilarious) question through closed lips, I noticed the whole left side of his face was...glistening.  Oh. My. God.

"You have poop ALL OVER your face!"  Rather than help, Momma just laughed.  And, Peanut, you followed suit.  The look on your face said it all.  "WOO!  Do I feel better!"  We both laughed and clapped while Dadda tried to figure out what to do.  Eventually, we got everyone cleaned up.  But, to this day, it is one of our funniest, most favorite Peanut memories.

Today has been a good day.  We have talked about you.  Laughed about you.  Remembered you.  As a result, you have been very present all day.  And, while my arms feel pitifully empty, my heart and soul are full of Peanut Love.  A Peanut Love that stretches to the moon and back.

- Momma

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