Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grandpa

Peanut -

Today is Grandpa's birthday.  Momma is so sad to think about our dinner celebration tonight, without you.  Two years ago, right after you were born, I gave Grandpa a special, engraved picture frame from you for his birthday.  Last year, you were right there celebrating with us.  And this year...there will be a terrible void at the table.

You and Grandpa...well, you were like peas and carrots.  Grandpa never had a son, and you were his first and only grandchild.  There was an instant bond between you two, that just grew stronger week by week.  When you heard Grandpa's voice, you would spin around wildly, looking for him, clapping and grinning.  And, he would light up like the sunrise around you.  It was so touching, so beautiful to watch.  The way Grandpa loved you was true, honest and pure...I simply don't possess the words to describe it accurately.  So, having to experience and observe his grief - over the loss of you, worry for Momma - these last months has been heart-wrenching.

One of my most favorite memories of Grandpa and you is from the Monday before you died.  You spent every Monday at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and had pretty free reign to wander around as you pleased.  I showed up after work that day, and you took Momma's hand to give me a complete tour of the house.  Bedroom by bedroom, through the bathrooms, around the kitchen, and back out to the family room.  You even showed me your favorite spots in each room, opening cabinets, closet doors, and slamming all the doors when we had finished the tour of that room.  Once we got back out to the family room, you joined Grandpa behind bar to "help" him mix a martini.  You were like an old pro!  I could tell this was your routine with him - you two knew exactly where to move, what to take off the shelves, and when it was time to move back out to the sitting area to play.

These are the memories that help Momma smile through her tears.  I hope they do the same for Grandpa.  Because, quite simply he was and always will be the Best Grandpa In The World.  He has been Momma's shoulder to cry on, confidant and friend, sharer of sorrow, and a simply amazing dad.  Peanut, I know you're in heaven today sending Grandpa all sorts of love, kisses, smiles, laughs and maybe you're even behind the bar helping him mix a martini.  You will be missed tremendously tonight.

We love you sweet Peanut.  To the moon and back!

- Momma

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