Saturday, October 29, 2011

Do They Have Baseball In Heaven?

Peanut -

The St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series last night.  Unlikely post-season candidates to begin with, they continued to defy and redefine expectations throughout August, September and October.  Each time they were "counted out" they came back with a vengeance, always proving to be stronger than anyone expected.  And, whether you are a baseball/sports fan or not, they were a true delight to watch.  On a very personal level, they gave Momma and Dadda something to cheer about this fall.  And, in a strange way, their journey of perseverance and strength reminded Momma a lot of her own journey this past year.

Peanut, you would have taken such joy in all the festivities.  The town awash in a sea of Cardinal-red, strangers high-fiveing in the streets, music, fireworks and chants of "Go Cards!" around every corner.  As I got caught up in my own baseball fever, I felt a little pang of guilt laced with sadness.  Guilt for the excitement I felt.  And sadness because you should have been here witnessing it all.

I took the opportunity to go back and look at pictures from your first Cardinals game.  The photos capture a day filled with delight.  You with your "Future Cardinals MVP" hat on, Momma and Dadda decked out in Cards was supposed to be the beginning of an annual tradition.  Instead, I now have to treasure that day for the memories.  Another piece of the future I have to let go of...

It sounds odd, but I hope you and your friends in heaven got to watch and participate in all the fun in St. Louis.  I picture you in a Cardinals cap, doing your own little happy bounce-dance to celebrate your hometown team.  Maybe you were even sitting on the bed with Momma and Dadda last night as we hugged and cheered after the big win.  Hopefully.

Peanut, I'm feeling your absence in a sharp way today.  But also smiling as I think about you popping a few fly balls into the clouds.  Go Peanut!

With loads of Momma love - to the moon and back.
- Momma

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