Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Peanut -

Tonight we honor Joey.  Today is his birthday.  He would be 2 years old.  If he were here, I'm sure would be running in "full tilt" mode, laughing, playing, giving his mom and dad big hugs, and just being a spirited, mischievous little boy.

But, he isn't here.

I believe in my heart, though, he is with you.  And I am so thankful for that.

I know Joey's mom because we have grown to be good friends and support networks for each other through the worst loss imaginable.  The loss of our beautiful, beloved, amazing little boys.  You and Joey were born just a month apart.  And, you passed away within days of each other.

A terrible, cruel twist of fate brought me together with Joey's mom.  I believe she is an angel on earth, and will forever be a treasured part of Momma's life.  She is my sanity.  She is the brain behind Project Pinwheel.  She is going to be a new mom just weeks before we have Baby Bean.  And, I know she will make a giant, amazing, wonderful impact on this world - as a mom, as a doctor and as a genuinely great person - in honor of Joey.

So, tonight we honor Joey.  Joey, who loved his monkey.  Joey, who loved to watch the Rams with his dad.  Joey, who loved to swim and play on slides and visit pumpkin patches.  Joey, who should be dressing up as Superman for Halloween this year.  Joey, who should be celebrating his 2nd birthday today.  Joey.

Peanut, Momma is sending a giant batch of love to you and Joey tonight...and to Joey's family.  To the moon and back - times infinity.

- Momma

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