Friday, March 18, 2011

Pizza, Bath Time and Acts of Kindness

Peanut -

Today - this week, actually - has been a day filled with memories, tears, love and the kindness of people we never would have met without you.   I worked from home today, which is what I always did on Fridays with you.  I miss our special Fridays together.  I miss Yo Gabba Gabba.  I miss eating lunch together.  I miss everything.

Dadda was home with me today, along with Henry...the super special puppy that has brought laughter back to our home.  We visited the most wonderful people/place today - The Seeds of Happiness Factory (  Mark Borella, the artist and founder of SOH, is one of the kindest people I've ever met.  He and his team made some special seeds in memory of you - and they really took care of our family.  They have a green glaze called Just Froggy that I swear was made just for you, my sweet 'Nut.

After we visited Mark, we had lunch at J.J. Twiggs.  The last time Dadda and I ate there, we had you with us.  And you had the most amazing, crazy diaper blowout from out of the blue.  We were laughing as we remembered trying to get you cleaned up in their little family restroom.  Seems like pizza places always had that impact on you...we had the same thing happen at Fortels just a few weeks before we lost you.

In honor of that memory, I have included one of my favorite pics of blowout!  You funny, animated little boy.  To loosely quote one of my new friends who has experienced this same loss recently, "Joy can reside next to sorrow in your heart."  I am trying to learn to laugh through my tears.

Love you to the moon and back.
- Momma


  1. This made me laugh! Restaurant blow-outs are the most fun!

  2. i admire your strength and cannot imagine your pain.