Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Granny Smith Apples

Peanut -

Dadda and I had a night out tonight, as we prep for opening day of baseball season.  More about that to come tomorrow.  But tonight, knowing we aren't working tomorrow, we allowed ourselves the space to 1) enjoy our favorite Mexican restaurant (Vallarta) mid-week, 2) spend a lot of time remembering you and 3) try a new drink.

Vallarta holds a special place in our hearts.  They took care of us when we were dating, pregnant, after we had a crazy, rice-throwing toddler, and now in our sorrow.  They also hosted your first birthday party!  What a wonderful, caring group of people.  Very much family to us.

Dadda and I shared stories about you all evening.  You were so easy, happy, joyful and special.  You taught us so many lessons about giving everyone love and hugs.  I can't imagine anyone finding more joy in life than you...and you showed me I have more love in my heart than I ever imagined.  Thanks to you for the door you opened in my heart.  We WILL try to have more children.  To honor you.

Finally, we bought some Granny Smith Apple Cider as a funny, bittersweet reminder of our little boy who loved - LOVED - to eat.  And, loved Granny Smith apples with peanut butter.  How appropriate, my Peanut!  It reminds me of the fun meal times we had.  You brought laughter to every moment.  How amazing and rare.

My heart aches for you...burns for you.  But I am still so thankful for the time we had.  I love you.  To the moon and back.
- Momma

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  1. I could hear happiness in this post~relief~! I love reading your blog, and I'm so happy you guys will try for more kiddos!! We looove apples and peanut butter too, yummy!! Thank you for sharing your tender memories. Hugs!