Monday, March 21, 2011

Healthy Baby Bird

Peanut -

First, we have received so much love and support - and beautiful messages - about the memories being posted on this site.  It gives me comfort and joy to know you are having such a profound impact beyond your time on earth.

I was thinking today about all the worries I had from the day I learned we were pregnant with you.  Everything from my diet during pregnancy, to what we used to wash your clothes, to making your food to ensure it was natural and safe.  We had the monitor, the baby gates, the best car seats.  And, still, we lost you in the most unexpected and unexplained way.  Yes, it makes me angry and confused.  But, it also brings back a wonderful set of memories.

You loved to eat.  Not just liked.  LOVED.  You loved veggies.  And fruit.  And my homemade turkey meatballs.  And Cheerios.  And Goldfish.  The list goes on.  What's so funny is you ate more than most kids your age, yet you were still a little dude.  I think it's because you burned up so much energy making everyone laugh.

Last spring I took some pictures of a family of baby birds who nested on our pool deck.  Then I compared them to pictures of you eating.  SO similar!  It still makes me smile.

To the moon and back, my precious boy.
- Momma



  1. Dear Lynn,
    As I told you earlier today, your words are beautiful. Connor is so lucky to have you as his mommy! I know that he hears every sweet whisper you say to him in Heaven! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Sean as you face each new day.


  2. Connor can fly with the baby birds, so precious! I will always pray for you all. Ps...I'm trying to make my profile pic for your blog as Dj Lance, just for Connor. Love you!!