Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Peanut -

Tonight Momma and The Bean had a special moment, a little dance with you.  The Bean was feeling a bit restless and Momma was missing you terribly.  As I held him, I noticed he was gazing intently over my shoulder, at the collage of pictures over our bed.  Pictures of you.

I started telling him about each picture, each photo shoot and he smiled.  So I decided, "What the heck?  Let's watch the "500 Days" movie."  The instant the music started this little 6-week old brother of yours settled down and rested his head on my shoulder.  I danced around the room, singing your music, and he held my thumb while he stared at your pictures.


I felt my boys talking to each other.  A connection.  I am sure I will witness these moments for years to come, but tonight it was powerful.  Wonderful.  Delightful.

I believe.

Peanut, nights like tonight help me understand that you will know my name when I see you in heaven.  I don't belong there yet, but someday...

To the moon and back, Peanut.  That is how much I love you.  Times infinity.

- Momma

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