Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Nursery

Peanut -

I'll always remember putting the finishing touches on your nursery just six days before you born.  September 6, 2009.  Dadda and I hung the final pictures, got the changing station set-up, made sure your swing and bouncy seat had batteries, and arranged all your books and stuffed animals.  You weren't due until September 25, but Momma had a were coming early.  Sure enough, you said "Helloooooo world!" on Saturday, September 12.  It was such a comfort to know we had a special space set-up and ready for you when it was time to come home.

The theme of your room was Beatrix Potter/Peter Rabbit, and the focal point was a beautiful, hand drawn and embroidered Beatrix Potter character quilt designed and sewn by my Aunt Ann.  When I opened the quilt at your baby shower, I burst into was so special, so amazing.  I pictured hanging it in your room for years, and passing it along to you as your grew older and had your own children.  In the nursery, that quilt hung over your crib, watched over you night after night, and was a source of delight and fascination for you.

Even as we convert and transform your room into something new, special and different for The Bean, there are special items that will remain.  The Beatrix Potter quilt is one of those items.  We are actually keeping one whole corner of the room Beatrix Potter themed, with all your picture frames, stuffed Peter Rabbit toys, a piggy bank, a "First Tooth" jar we will never get to use - and your quilt.

Peanut, you wouldn't recognize the rest of the room.  It is now blue...painted over your Peanut spring green walls.  There is new carpet on the floor.  The crib will no longer reside in the nursery.  It is set-up in Momma and Dadda's room, right next to our bed.  I suspect The Bean will sleep there for at least his first two years.  The rest of the nursery is rearranged, with many new pieces of furniture that never knew my Peanut.  The closet is full of clothes that were never worn by you.  It is so odd to see a closet full of clothes that aren't yours.

But, the theme of the room is something you would know and love.  I actually think it would get a giant laugh and hand-clap out of you.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar!  And, just as she did for you, Aunt Ann is making a very, very special quilt for The Bean.

Peanut, I hope you bless the changes we made to your room.  I'm so sorry we had to change it.  But, I believe you understand.  We will always have spaces that honor you, that are special Peanut Places.  But, we also have to give The Bean some spaces that are new, and feel special for him.

The "new" nursery is beautiful.  But, I will always remember your happy, green nursery with love and a smile.  I will always remember the happy moments playing with you, reading your bedtime stories, changing your diapers, and peek-a-boo in the closet.  I'm sending you love and memories of those wonderful the moon and back, Peanut.

- Momma

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