Sunday, July 7, 2013

Proud To Be "Those People"

Peanut -

Momma and Dadda have officially become "those people."  The people who are out in public with spirited, rambunctious toddlers, who stoically receive icy glares and hear loudly whispered nasty comments from older folks and couples who don't have kids.  We clearly invade their non-child time (but, wait, don't they get that at home?).  We are the people who were once embarrassed to be "those people" but now bask in the love and glory of these sometimes embarrassing moments.

Why?  Because we are lucky enough to get them.

We strive to give your brother exposure to the world just like we did with you.  Museums, restaurants, art fairs - these shouldn't feel off-limits to kids.  These are the places and experiences that form a more well-rounded, culturally competent and competitive kid.

Peanut, you were on track to be a mammoth contributor to this society.  I believe you were - and still are - a game changer when it comes to spreading a message of love and empathy.  Thanks to you, Momma does't allow an unkind look, a snort, or a <hrumph> to get under her skin.  There might be a little Momma-chuckle, but that's about it.

Readers, if you are out and see or hear a family with a child shouting out with joy (or frustration), please don't feel annoyed.  Embrace it.  Shout with them!

Why?  Because you never know. They could be reeling from the death of a child or loved one. Or, could be navigating some other personal hardship.  You just never know.

Just as I need to remember those sorrowful months when Dadda and I felt like many of those couples who desperately want, but cannot have, children might feel.  Hollow and hopeless.  Those times when a child's laugh was simply salt in the wound of our vast canyon of grief.

Peanut, I watched a group of boys your age play today on a water-slide.  In their big-boy surf shorts I could envision you as a happy participant, a ring-leader.  And then I saw a butterfly...the second one to flit by Momma, Dadda and Pickle in a 30-minute time frame.  It's presence prompted a peal of giggles from your little brother.  Well hello, Peanut...we know you are still here with us.

I love you, my awesome Peanut.  I hope you always feel my love.  To the moon - and back!

- Momma

July 4th weekend, 2010

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