Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5-Year Wedding Anniversary

Peanut -

Tomorrow Momma and Dadda celebrate five years of marriage.  (Never mind that we met and fell in love over 20 years ago when we were just 13 years old.)

It was five years ago that we decided to "tie the knot" all on our own out in Las Vegas.  We decided to create a ceremony that was meaningful to us, an older couple who were getting married out of love, commitment and a desire to start our own family.  

Six months later, Momma discovered she was pregnant. After tossing her cookies while cooking salmon for dinner one night there was a moment, a this morning sickness?  Um, yep.  It was!  Two months later and 12 pounds lighter we moved into the honeymoon phase, assisted by one of the coolest spring/summer seasons in St. Louis history.  Momma's pregnancy with you was blissful and capped off by a speedy, happy, easy and quick labor/delivery experience.

On our first wedding anniversary, Momma and Dadda were treated with a giant, beautiful baby shower   for you.  One of the most meaningful moments?  When Momma's aunt presented a hand-crafted quilt with all the characters from Peter Rabbit.  Amazing, beautiful, hand-drawn and stitched, this quilt hung over your crib and was a source of stories, joy and wonder for you.

Our second wedding anniversary also included you.  Momma and Dadda took you to the downtown City Garden where you charged through the shooting fountains of water like a tiny warrior.  We attempted to do an overnight downtown, but going home simply proved to be easier.

Our third anniversary was heart-breaking.  Still reeling from the loss of you, we were also dealing with the news that Pickle's twin sister had not survived.  There was a feeling of...what more? Why us?  Why are we being challenged and tested like this?  (Chickpea...we still light a candle for you every night.)

Year four was marked with a new sense of joy.  Hope.  Optimism.  We chose not to do much in terms of a celebration, but the sun had started to shine again.

And now here we are....year five.  Momma feels weathered, seasoned.

We entered this marriage with such optimism   A sense that nothing truly bad could happen to us - that those things happen to "other people"   We now know that we are the other people.  Yet, we have survived.  Dadda is the only person who truly understands Momma's grief and joy.  And all the other conflicting emotions.

It is with this lens that Momma welcomes and truly celebrates tomorrow. Peanut, you made us - and still make Momma and Dadda - better people, better partners, better citizens of the world.  Thanks to you we appreciate our precious time together.  

Peanut, we love and miss you.  To the moon - and back!

- Momma

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  1. Cute. Did they give each other wedding rings and stuff? Or at least a special shiny stone, something to remember each other by? But in all seriousness, that looked like a pretty kick-ass day. Kudos to the parents!