Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lunch with My Boys

Peanut -

Today was a big day.  A day that merged past and present, in a heart-warming, heart-breaking, delightful and sorrowful moment.  Today your brother ate his first grilled cheese sandwich.  Actually, he shared a sandwich with Momma.  Just like you and I used to do on Friday afternoons together.

As Momma sliced up bite-sized bits of the sandwich for your brother, your presence was overwhelmingly strong.  You were on my shoulder whispering words of encouragement in my ear.  You were in the ray of sunshine that chose that instant to break through our grey, overcast day.  You were in the peals of laughter that escaped from your brother's lips and rang through the house.  You were in the slow, unsure grin that spread across his face as he discovered the wonder of grilled cheese.

Momma is going to savor this moment.  A moment that didn't evoke tears, but, rather, a giant Momma smile, burst of laughter and a wistful sigh.  This moment drove home for my heart and brain that you are here.  You are always here.  With us, around us, inside us...surrounding us.

I just had to share this moment to say, "Thank you, my Peanut."  With bunches and noodles of love.  How much love is that?  To the moon - and back, of course!

- Momma

Peanut, October 23, 2010...almost 14 months old.  

The Pickle, December 29, 2012...getting close to his first birthday.

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