Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mr. Frog's Journey Home

Peanut -

After months of wondering if I would ever get another sign from you, today I received a giant Peanut hug via the dysfunctional US Postal Service.  Let me explain.

Momma receives a monthly box of toddler appropriate goodies via  Last month I checked to make sure they had our new address and was told repeatedly the new address was recorded.  However, when the May box shipped it decided to head our old house - your house - not once but twice despite all the forwarding instructions.

The box finally made its way to our new house today after Dadda hunted it down at a Post Office branch.  We joked that it "better be worth the $6.00 forwarding fee."

And then, Momma opened the box.



Yes.  The theme of the box was Cuddle Time, and the box included an Angel Dear lovie - YOUR lovie - and of all the ones we could have received, we got the frog.  Your frog.  In an instant your brother saw that frog and wanted to snuggle with it.

So now a few questions: Do I hide the frog?  Do I let The Pickle have his own frog despite my efforts to push a puppy his way?  Can my heart handle watching The Pickle hold Mr. Frog?

Peanut, I believe that box wound up at our old address multiple times because that is the home you remember.  I hope you understand you have moved with are here.

Please send my heart a sign.  What should I do with the shiny, new frog?

Oh, sweet boy, I miss you.  Sending you love to the moon - and back.

- Momma

Connor's Mr. Frog....doesn't his smile just melt your heart?

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